10 Instagram Worthy Places To See In Bali

Bali has always been on my list of places to go to… but lately, it seems that pictures of Bali are flooding my Instagram feed almost everyday! I had to go for myself and see these places I kept seeing on IG. Some were absolutely worth it and some not so much.šŸ˜So, here are my top 10 Instagram-worthy places to see in Bali! (In no particular order!)

  1. Tegalalang Rice Terrace (Ubud) – Although, it rained heavily when I went… it was still a beautiful sight. I didn’t make it down to the actual rice fields because it was pouring and it was all muddy (I actually do regret not going down) but from up above I still got some pretty good shots.
  2. Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Ubud) – A definite must when in Bali, not just for the photographs but it’s a beautiful place to relax and take a stroll through. And you might just see a monkey or two… or 50…šŸ’šŸ’šŸ’
  3. Tegenungan Waterfall (Ubud) – Only a 20 minute drive from the center of Ubud, you’ll find this waterfall. It’s not the biggest nor the most spectacular waterfall I’ve seen… but it’s pretty nice and there’s a swing you can ride on. Makes for a pretty cool photo with the waterfall in the background.
  4. Tanah Lot Temple – One of the most popular temples in Bali… hundreds of tourists come here everyday. To avoid the crowds, come early… but I’ve heard the sunsets here are amazing too.
  5. Pura Tirta Empul (Ubud) – Is a beautiful temple not too far from the center of Bali. It’s a water temple where people can go to cleanse themselves in the holy water. It’s quite beautiful.
  6. Gili T (Gili Trawangan) – You have to take a fast boat from Bali to get here… which takes about 90 minutes or so… but it’s worth it. There are tons of bars and restaurants along the beach. You can eat dinner, sip cocktails and watch the sunset. Perfect evening. (Also, this is where all of those ocean swings you see on Instagram are at!)
  7. Uluwatu Temple (Uluwatu) – You can see some amazing views of the clear blue waters of Bali here. The temple itself is beautiful. You can most likely catch locals performing a ceremony dressed up in traditional clothing as well.
  8. Single Fin (Uluwatu) – Single Fin is a surf shop, bar and cafe. Right on the top of the cliffs, you can get some amazing views of the ocean. The sunsets are killer here too! The food was actually pretty good as well! They also have big parties on the weekends that sort of turns into a nightclub feel.                                                                —http://www.singlefinbali.com
  9. 707 Bali (Seminyak) – This super chill beach bar is the perfect place to have some beers and enjoy the sunset.
  10. Kelingking Beach (Nusa Penida) – About a 30 minute fast boat ride from Bali is a small, beautiful little island called Nusa Penida. This is also the place where you can see the Instagram famous “T-Rex”! This was probably my favorite thing to see in Bali. Pictures don’t do it any justice. You must see it in person!

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