Want to Teach English Abroad?

Ever thought about teaching abroad but don’t know where to even get started?? I’ve come up with a little to do list to help you get started if it’s something you’ve been thinking about but are overwhelmed.

Before I decided to move and teach abroad, I did a ton of research. I spent hours on the internet, read countless blogs, watched many youtube videos, asked a bunch of questions in various Facebook groups… it was a lot so I’ll save you all that time!

First, let’s start with the main things you need to teach English abroad…

  1. Citizenship from a native English speaking country such as US, UK, Ireland, Canada,  Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.
  2. Bachelor’s degree/diploma from an accredited college or university. (4 years in US and 3 years in UK)
  3. TEFL certificate (TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language) some schools don’t ask for a TEFL certificate but some do. My advice is to just get one just in case. One school you apply to may not ask for one but another might. It would be good to have it.
  4. Clean criminal background check.

Those are just the basic things you will need. Other schools may have other requirements. It all depends on what type of school it is as well.

Where did I get my TEFL certificate?

  • I got my TEFL certificate through ITA (International TEFL Academy) They offer in person courses around the world such as Costa Rica and Chiang Mai… (you can check the website for the other locations) They also offer an online course, so if you cannot move abroad just yet, this may be the option for you. https://www.internationalteflacademy.com
  • I chose to take the course online. They were having a discount at the time and the course was about $1,075.
  • The course is 11 weeks and consists of 120 hours of online work. After you have completed the 120 hours. You must complete 20 hours of practicum such as English tutoring, student teaching and/or observing.
  • I completed my practicum by observing ESL classes and also one on one tutoring.

Now… the most important question… Where do you want to teach?

A lot of things should come into factor when choosing where to teach abroad.

On ITA’s website they have a breakdown of every country’s profile. They explain the average salary, requirements and living. (Take a look at it to get an idea of where you think you would like to teach.)

Here, I’ve made a list of the top places to teach as of 2018:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Taiwan
  3. China
  4. South Korea
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. United Arab Emirates
  7. Japan
  8. Russia
  9. Thailand
  10. Brazil

When deciding on where you want to teach… you should first think about what part of the world you want to be in. Then, factor in how much your salary will be on average and how much living there costs. If you’re ok with breaking even, then some countries may be good for you but if you want to be able to save, countries like South Korea is a great country to teach and save almost all of your salary. South Korea is in high demand of English teachers… so many schools will pay for your housing, flight reimbursement and even health insurance.

After you’ve decided on where you want to teach… that’s where the fun begins! You can start researching that country specifically and then make your dreams of teaching abroad come true!

Good luck!

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