Things To Do In Las Vegas (that does not involve the strip)

Whenever I travel and people find out where I’m from… they always have tons of questions. Especially if they’ve never been to Vegas. They always ask me where do I live, do I live close to the hotels, I’ve even been asked if I lived in a hotel…šŸ™„

I get it though. Because of how Las Vegas is depicted on all of the movies and shows… how can one not think that Las Vegas is only about hotels and casinos? And yes, while it mostly is… there are a lot of stuff to do OUTSIDE of that. (And no, I do not live in a hotel)šŸ˜‚

Las Vegas actually has a lot of stuff to do that doesn’t involve gambling, drinking or partying… So, if you’re planning a trip to Vegas and want to spend at least a day or two not getting drunk and losing all of your money… well, here I have a list of things you can do!


  • Red Rock Canyon – Just a short drive from Las Vegas, you can find the beautiful mountains of Red Rock. A perfect place for a hike. Some trails even have small waterfalls that are actually pretty cool. You can also ride horses along some of the trails!


  • Seven Magic Mountains – A part of some art installation, this place has quickly grown popular… probably due to Instagram. But it’s actually a really cool place for some photos and not too far from the city.


  • Speed Vegas – Although, not cheap… if you want to splurge for some excitement… I highly recommend this! It’s a race track for amateurs that fulfills everyone’s dreams of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. It was one of the coolest things that I’ve ever done! The adrenaline rush is no joke! I came in 2nd place in my group and my max speed was 144 mph! I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


  • Lake Las Vegas – This place is absolutely beautiful! You can easily spend a whole day here. Rent a kayak or paddle board and have lunch along the lake… perfect, relaxing day.


  • Downtown – Las Vegas’ downtown is different from other cities. It’s the “Old Las Vegas”. Hotels from the early 1900’s were built here. Famous people like Frank Sinatra and Liberace made their debuts during this time. Downtown Las Vegas is really cool and very different from the Strip. There are a bunch of dive bars, art exhibits and a lot of the old hotels are still there. There are always festivals and concerts held there as well.


  • Lake Mead – About an hour drive from Las Vegas is Lake Mead. Every summer I’d go here with my friends and rent a boat or jet skis. It was always a good time.šŸ˜Ž


  • PKWY Tavern – This is quite possibly my favorite bar in Las Vegas. Their beer selection is crazy with over 250 beers! Outside there’s areas for different games such as giant Jengas and corn hole.Photo from Las Vegas weekly.


  • Three Square – If you want to do something good while on your trip to Vegas… I recommend spending a morning at Three Square. I volunteered here regularly while I lived in Las Vegas. It’s the only food bank in Las Vegas that provides over 35,000,000 meals to people struggling with hunger around Nevada. Please help out if you can!šŸ˜Š —


  • Mt. Charleston – Yes, you can actually see some snow if you live in Las Vegas. Only about an hour away… is Mt. Charleston. In the winter, it opens up as a ski and snowboard resort. Nice place to spend the day and see some snow.Photo from


  • Town Square – Probably my favorite place in Vegas… I used to go here quite often. There are tons of shops, restaurants, bars, a huge movie theatre… etc. Very kid friendly place as well.Photo from


Other mentions:

  • Downtown Summerlin – Recently opened… it’s quite similar to Town Square but in the winter, they have an outdoor ice skating rink!Photo from Stir Architecture.


  • Tivoli Village – I feel like this place isn’t as popular.. I’m not sure why… but I think it’s a really pretty place to have dinner or stroll around. The buildings were designed to resemble a European village. Quite a beautiful place.

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