10 Places To Go Solo in 2020!

My last post about destinations for solo travelers was over 2 years ago! Although, those places in my first list are still great places to travel solo… I’ve been to a lot more countries since then and want to give an updated version for 2020!

Solo travel has become more of the norm these past few years… but it’s still scary and daunting when planning your first solo trip. The first and most important thing is where to go. I’ve done a lot, I mean A LOT of research and have also been to these places myself… so here’s my list!

I hope 2020 brings you many new adventures! Happy traveling!


10. Czech Republic

Prague is absolutely beautiful! It is now added to my list of favorite cities in the world. The people are so nice and all of the architecture is so amazing. Czech is also very close to a lot of other countries… so it is easy to get around on the train if you want to visit multiple countries in the area. 🙂

9. Hungary

Made a day trip to Budapest and it is such a beautiful city with so much history. You can easily get around by foot or they have many buses to get you around the city as well.

8. Austria

Spent a few days in Vienna and absolutely loved it. There is so much to see and do. You can easily just get lost in the streets while admiring all of the beautiful buildings.

7. Germany

On my most recent trip to Europe… I fit in enough time to make sure I went to multiple cities in Germany. I went to Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin, all of which were very safe. Although, I went to Munich during Oktoberfest and well, that’s another story… and another blog post.😛

6. Belgium

Belgium has been added to my list of my most favorite countries. The people were so nice and welcoming when I visited. I stayed in Brussels and everything was so beautiful. You can also easily take the train from Brussels to Gent, which is a must!

5. Netherlands

Amsterdam had been on my list of places to visit for the longest time. I finally made it happen this past year and it was nothing short of amazing. The pictures do it no justice… it’s definitely a must for everyone to see!

4. Switzerland

Switzerland is absolutely AMAZING. Some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. Make sure you make a stop in Lauterbrunnen and Murren. You won’t regret it!

3. Thailand

I can say this with 100% confidence because I lived in Thailand for a year… that it is one of the most safest countries I have ever been to. Don’t listen to what others say. I never once felt unsafe while living there. Thai people are one of the nicest, friendliest people I have ever encountered.

2. Singapore

Singapore. Oh, Singapore. My favorite country that I have been to beside Iceland. Well, it might come in tied with Iceland now… Singapore is mind blowing… from the architecture, to the technology, to how clean and safe the streets are. It’s a MUST for anyone traveling solo.

1. Japan

I’m sure everyone knows that Japan is one of the most safest countries in the world. You can walk around at night by yourself and be completely safe. You can leave your belongings sitting on the table of a Starbucks and return to them being untouched. Yeah, that’s Japan. I love JAPAN.

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