L.A. In Two Days

I haven’t been able to travel abroad in over a year now… because of this pandemic. Yes, it’s been difficult, given the fact, that I used to travel at least every few months or so… and I’ve been really sad that I didn’t reach my #35before35 goal… but I can only take positives from this negative. I’ve been exploring my own hometown and have also been taking many road trips. I realized that there is actually so much to do so close to home!

I recently went to L.A. and even though, a lot of places were still shut down… I made the best of it. Looking for a quick little getaway?… California is the best!

Day 1:

Go to Canyon Lake Drive to spot the HOLLYWOOD SIGN. They recently made it harder to get close to the sign but you can still see it from the viewpoints. Parking is free as well.😊

Drive around Beverly Hills and check out all of the beautiful homes. Take a picture in the middle of the street with all of the palm trees! #instagramworthy !

Go check out the Griffith Observatory. Unfortunately, when we had gone… it was still closed. But, the views up there were still amazing! Note: You do have to pay to park.

Grab food at Neptune’s Net and eat on the beach! (with a lot of restaurants still being closed and only doing take away… this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and have a picnic!)

Day 2:

Walk around Venice Beach. Take a photo at the Venice sign! You’ll find this on Pacific and Windward.

Want to splurge? Or looking for a great place for a date night? ~ Check out Nobu Malibu! The views here are amaaazing. AND of course, the food is SO GOOD.

LACMA – If you’re in L.A., you’ve got to check out the beautiful lights at LACMA.

Check out Little Tokyo! Check out the cute shops and grab some food! I loved the onigiris at Rice & Nori! We got a few onigiris and a cucumber salad and drove down to Laguna and ate lunch on the beach. It was perfect!

Last day:

Before we headed back home… we decided to check out the Farmers Market. There’s a lot of different food stalls and some restaurants. It is a little pricey, but it was fun to also just walk around.

SKIP: I don’t recommend going to the Hollywood Stars and Chinese Theater. I was so excited to check it out because the last time I had gone was probably when I was a kid. But this area has changed so much. It was really dirty, a little sketchy and there were a lot of homeless around. Parking was also $17! Not worth it at all.

Even though, travel has been restricted significantly for some… I hope you’re at least making the best of it and adventuring around your own city or to nearby places!

Happy exploring!

Note: I went back in July of 2020. Check with the current travel restrictions in California before planning your trip.

Mammoth In The Summer

Before, I usually thought of just snow and snow activities when I thought of Mammoth. I didn’t realize that it’s actually a great place to go in the summer months as well!

There’s so much to do there and so many beautiful spots to check out! I wish I had stayed a few more days so that I could’ve done some more activities. But I will definitely be back!

From Vegas, Mammoth is about a 5 hour drive. We set out super early in the morning and arrived in Mammoth around 10:30am. We grabbed some lunch and then headed straight to the hiking trails. Devil’s Post Pile and Rainbow Falls is a must! The hike was pretty easy and the waterfall at the end is SO BEAUTIFUL! It’s a 5 mile hike roundtrip to the falls and back. You can go all the way down to the waterfall and get into the water. It was FREEZING tho! I saw some people swimming… I’m not sure how they did that! I just put my feet in and it was so cold! But it felt really refreshing after the hike.

Devil’s Post Pile
Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

After the hike, we drove to June Lake, which is about a 30 minute drive from Devil’s Post Pile. It’s a beautiful lake surrounded by trees! It was a bit windy when we went but still relaxing nonetheless.

June Lake

It was about 5pm, so we headed to our hotel to check in. We stayed at Sierra Lodge. http://www.sierralodge.com The room was pretty nice but the door and walls are really thin that we could hear everything outside. BUT for the price and the location, it was perfect for us. It is close to so many restaurants and bars. You can even walk to The Village (a cute little area with shops, bars, restaurants)

The Village in the day
The Village at night

We had dinner at Toomey’s. We read that this place was good so we wanted to check it out. It was good! And the staff were so nice and super friendly! (p.s. if you’re going out to dine right now (during this pandemic)… and if you enjoyed the service provided by your server.. please tip extra if you can! I was a server for a very long time and I know how hard it is.. but it’s gotta be even harder right now for them. Take care of them please.)

After dinner, we walked around The Village. It’s beautiful at night! With all of the lights… it felt like Christmas in July.

The next morning we woke up early to go kayaking but unfortunately, the wind had other plans for us. So, we just checked out Crowley Lake and had lunch there. (for lunch we got some protein bowls and juice shots from Elixir.. super good spot!)

I read that there were these really cool looking columns at Crowley Lake… so we set off to find them. Got lost a few times, went off roading but no luck. If you find them, let me know! Sad I didn’t find it.

But in trying to find the columns, we stumbled on some beautiful views and stopped to say hello to some cow friends.

Benton Crossing

If you have more time, I definitely say go KAYAKING! and also mountain bike up those beautiful mountains. You can take the gondola to the top and ride! How awesome is that?!? Next time for me…

Happy exploring!

Why I Fell In Love With Amsterdam

Amsterdam had always been at the top of my bucket list of places I wanted to visit… I finally made it happen last year and it was everything I imagined it would be and more.

Amsterdam is absolutely beautiful. The pictures that you see on the internet… it really is that breathtaking.

The flower markets, the canals, the cute little buildings everywhere… how can you not fall in love with Amsterdam?

Where to stay: Hotel Asterisk – I loved the hotel that I stayed at… the room was pretty small (European hotels are usually very small, so it was expected) but cozy and had everything that I needed. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. But the best part, was the location. It is near many restaurants, bars, shopping… about a 10 minute walk to the Heineken Brewery and many other attractions. The museum quarter is also close.

They also gave me a cute gift when I checked out. I remember and appreciate the little things like this.☺️


What to eat: Stroopwafel. O M G. Yum. These can be addicting… pair it with a delicious cup of coffee or latte and you’ll be hooked.

What to see: definitely check out the flower markets… you can pick up some cute souvenirs or just enjoy all of the beautiful tulips and other cute trinkets.

~ if you like visiting museums… there are some really great ones here in Amsterdam. The Van Gogh Museum can get busy so check to see if you can purchase tickets online first so you can get a good time slot. Otherwise the lines can get long. https://www.vangoghmuseum.nl/en

What to do: Anne Frank’s house, in my opinion, is an absolute must. They only sell a limited amount of tickets per day, so make sure to book that way in advance. https://www.annefrank.org/en/museum/tickets/

Writing about Amsterdam is making me want to go back! I hope you will fall in love just as much as I did with this beautiful city.

Happy traveling! (Dag! ~ “good day!”)

7 Things You Must Do In Hanoi, Vietnam

(writing this post Covid-19 quarantine) As people get excited to travel again… slowly but surely… I’ve been imagining, dreaming, planning, my next travels for awhile now…

If you’re ready to travel again soon too but you’re not sure where to… Vietnam was one of my favorite countries while I was traveling around Southeast Asia. It’s also one of the cheapest countries… so, if you’re on a budget, this is the perfect place!

Note: This post contains some affiliate links. Just so you know, if you use the links to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission or compensation from the links on this page… but at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!

Vietnam is crazy, hectic, nothing like I’ve ever experienced or seen… but it’s amazing. The food is crazy cheap but oh so delicious… and the coffee, oh the coffee. Yum.

Go to Hoan Kiem Lake – A lake right in the middle of the busy city. There’s a beautiful red bridge and the Ngoc Son Temple. Take a relaxing stroll around the lake and take in all of the beautiful sights. There’s also a pagoda right in the center of the lake.

Hanoi’s French Quarter – The history of Vietnam is pretty interesting… and if you didn’t really know about it, you’d be surprised to see things that you would imagine seeing in Europe. That is, because the French ruled Vietnam up until 1954. There are many buildings and foods that Vietnam still has that was influenced by the French. This area is quite beautiful to see, but you won’t feel like you’re in Asia.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral – The Notre Dame of Hanoi… that’s exactly what it looks like. Located in the Hoan Kiem District or the Old Quarter… it’s easy to find and you’ll be glad to say that you saw the Notre Dame of Asia. Ha.

Hanoi Old Quarter – Another great area of the city… here, you can find cheap beers, hectic markets, and delicious street food.

Try Egg Coffee – if you love coffee… you must try this at least once! I LOVE coffee. I had read about this and I just knew I had to try it… I also was on a mission to find the BEST egg coffee in the city and I definitely did. They have egg coffees all around the city, but I read that this was the best place in town.. Cafe Giang.

Go to Huong Lien – There’s a place in Hanoi that our former president, Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain dined at together. I have always loved and admired Bourdain… when I watched that episode, I put it on my list of places I HAD to go to. I had read that there could be really long lines and you’d have to wait forever to get a table… But the day that I went, I got lucky. There wasn’t a line and I sat down right away. They have the table and chairs that Obama and Bourdain sat at encased in a display case. There are many photos of them all around the restaurant. Not only was it cool to go to a place where they had gone… but the food was delicious as well! Order the “Obama Combo”. Trust me.

Eat a Banh Mi – I love Vietnamese food… banh mi is one of my favorites. I did a lot of research to the find the best banh mi in Hanoi… definitely try this place if you get a chance!

Happy traveling!

10 Things You Must Do In Osaka!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Japan. I love everything about the country. The food, the culture, the people, the shopping… EVERYTHING!

In 2018, after I left from a year in Thailand, I went to Japan for almost 2 weeks. But that still was not enough time to really see the country. I’d love to go back one day and explore other cities as well. On this trip I got to visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. I loved all of the cities in different ways. I ended my trip in Osaka… and it was absolutely lovely.

Note: This post contains some affiliate links. Just so you know, if you use the links to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission or compensation from the links on this page… but at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!

Here I have compiled a list of things you MUST DO in Osaka! (in no particular order)

  • Go to Shinsekai! – Shinsekai is an old neighborhood in Osaka City’s downtown “Minami” area. It was neglected after World War II and has become one of Japan’s poorest areas. It also got a very bad reputation for being Osaka’s most dangerous area. But Shinsekai boasts a very colorful history and unique identity. Although, this part of Osaka was said to have a very negative depiction, I didn’t feel that at all! I even stayed in Shinsekai during my stay. My hotel was quite nice and there were so many restaurants, shopping and bars within walking distance. I didn’t feel unsafe at all, even during the night. I walked around at night a few times by myself and never felt that I was in danger whatsoever. (We all know that Japan is also one of the most safest countries in the world.) We stayed at the Hotel Vertex Osaka… I highly recommend this hotel. It was very affordable, clean, quite spacious and near so many things and was walking distance to the subway station.

  • Eat Ramen! – Well, I mean, you NEED to eat ramen if you go to Japan, whether it be in Tokyo, Osaka… or any other city. But this ramen was my favorite! I forgot the name of the ramen shop… but it was literally right next to our hotel… (Hotel Vertex Osaka) definitely stop by and eat some ramen here! The spicy miso ramen was SOOOOOOOO GOOD!

  • Go to Dotonbori! – A really touristy place but definitely worth visiting. It is one of the most iconic places in Osaka. There is Dotonbori Street and Dotonboru Canal. This is the best place to try some amazing Japanese street food and also people watch! There’s great shopping and tons of restaurants and bars as well.
The famous Glico Man

  • Try Takoyaki! – Takoyaki is a little ball of batter with octopus. I know, that may sound weird to some… but it’s really good. Trust me! It’s the classic Japanese street food. (I got some really delicious takoyaki in Dotonbori!)

  • Go to Osaka Castle! – I LOVE visiting castles on my travels. It’s one of my most favorite things to do. I am obsessed with castles and the history behind all of them. Plan to spend at least half a day here… there is a lot to see in and around the castle!

  • Visit Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel – You can see some amazing views of Osaka at the top! There’s also the Osaka Aquarium and Legoland nearby!

  • Spend a day at Universal Studios Osaka! – I HAD SO MUCH FUN here… I absolutely love Universal Studios! I’ve been to 3 out of the 4 that they have in the world… and it never disappoints!
Harry Potter World🤓

  • Try Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream – This ice cream was so delicious! You must try it!

  • Eat Kushikatsu! – Originally from Osaka, this is a must try while visiting the city. Kushikatsu is a Japanese dish of deep fried skewered meat and vegetables, usually served with raw cabbage leaves and dipping sauces.

  • Ride a boat down Dotonbori Canal! – I had so much fun riding down the canal and looking at all of the cool buildings. The tour guide also tells you bit of history of the city and Dotonbori.

One more I wanted to add…

Get a drink at Starbucks! – I know what you’re thinking… go all the way to Japan to drink Starbucks?! But trust me… I always make it a point to go to Starbucks in Asian countries… they always have the most unique flavors that you obviously cannot get in the states. In Japan they have sakura inspired drinks and other different flavors. (I tried the yuzu iced tea… it was delicious! btw – also very expensive as with a lot of other things in Japan… but hey! Gotta splurge once in awhile!)

There’s so much to see and do in Osaka… I only had a few days so this is what I did! If you’re short on time as well… I hope this list helps. I also hope that you fall in love with Japan as much as I did.

Happy traveling!

The Must Go To Photo Spots In Vegas!

I was born and raised in Vegas and I’ve worked on The Strip for many, many years so I don’t really like going there unless I’m going to work. I haven’t done the “tourist” stuff in a VERY, very long time as well. But with this recent lock down… I’ve had time to go and explore this beautiful city that I call home. It’s been really fun and I’ve actually wondered why I hadn’t done this sooner.

Note: This post contains some affiliate links. Just so you know, if you use the links to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission or compensation from the links on this page… but at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!

Here are some of my favorite spots for the best photos in Vegas!

The Las Vegas Sign – This is obviously a MUST. If you don’t get a photo here… did you really go to Vegas??

Venetian Hotel – The beautiful blue water and the cute gondolas in the background make for a really cute photo!

Fashion Show Mall – It’s been so long that I’ve actually gone to the outside area of the mall… I didn’t even know that they had painted the stairs! I’m not sure how long these stairs will remain painted… but definitely a cute spot to take some photos! (facing LV Boulevard)

The Mirage – The volcano and waterfalls are currently shut down but the dolphin statues and palm trees make for a beautiful backdrop! (bonus if the volcanos are in action!)

Caesars Palace – There are so many places at Caesars Palace, both inside and outside to get some amazing photos! Definitely one spot not to miss is the Trevi Fountain outside on LV Boulevard.

Bellagio – Featured in so many movies… there’s a reason why this place is a MUST stop for the best Instagram photo!

NYNY Hotel – From the Statue of Liberty to a small replica of the Brooklyn Bridge… NYNY hotel has some really cute photo spot ops!

Seven Magic Mountains – Off the strip… this is a really cute place to check out!

P.S. If you currently live in Vegas and haven’t gone down to the strip yet during this lock down… I highly recommend grabbing a bike and checking it out! I’m pretty sure there will never be another time like this. Do it while you can!

Hope everyone’s staying safe and sane!♥️

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Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The first time I saw a picture of Neuschwanstein Castle, I mentally put it on my bucket list of castles to see. (Yes, I have a bucket list of just castles I want to visit😛) I’m so glad I did because it was absolutely magical.

Note: This post contains some affiliate links. Just so you know, if you use the links to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission or compensation from the links on this page… but at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!

I set a day aside to visit the castle when I was in Munich. It’s a fairly short train ride away from the city… about 1 hour and 40 minutes. I suggest leaving early in the morning. There can be a lot of people and the lines to buy tickets can be long! If you just want to see the castle from the outside, you do not need to purchase tickets, but if you want to take the tour, you will have to purchase tickets. You can purchase for just 1, 2 or all 3 castles in the area. Since, I didn’t have enough time because I wanted to be back in Munich for Oktoberfest in the evening, I just purchased a ticket for just one of the tours.

You can see another castle you can visit on the top left.

Views from the bottom. Near the ticket center.

I went in October, the weather was gloomy and rainy… there were still a lot of people but not as much as there would be in the busier seasons. From the train station, you have to purchase another ticket for the bus to take you up to the entrance. From there, it is about a 30 minute walk, mostly uphill to get to the castle. You can also pay to ride a horse carriage up but it’s not too bad of a walk up and it’s nice to get some exercise in! Once you reach the castle, you can walk further up to the bridge where you can get some amazing views of the castle from afar. Definitely suggest going to this bridge to get some awesome photos.

Bridge across from Neuschwanstein Castle.

Make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Higher up and closer to the castle, it was a bit chilly with the rain as well. There are little shops and cafes right by the castle where you can get some snacks, coffee and warm up with some hot chocolate. Large bags and backpacks are prohibited, so make sure you leave those at your hotel or they do have lockers nearby for a small fee.

Amazing views from the top!

If you choose to take the tours of the castles, when you purchase your tickets, you’re given a designated time slot for the tour. Make sure you’re there 10 minutes earlier so you don’t miss your group. I really enjoyed the tour of the castle and it was well worth the extra money. The history of Neuschwanstein Castle is really interesting. The decor and paintings inside are beautiful! Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos of inside of the castle.

Model of the castle.

I left around 8 in the morning and arrived back in Munich around 4pm. So, I would definitely say it is at least a half day trip.

If you’re in Munich, definitely set some time aside to visit Neuschwanstein Castle!

Happy traveling!

The Ultimate Miami Bucket List

I recently went to Miami and absolutely fell in love with the city. If it wasn’t for the humidity… and really expensive housing, I would probably move there.😛

There is so much to see and do in Miami, luckily Miami is pretty small and you’ll be able to fit a lot into a short trip. I spent a week there and it was enough time. I’d love to go back again though, very soon!

Here are some must things that everyone should see and do in Miami!

  • Head to Espanola Way – Grab dinner at Oh! Mexico (their shrimp cocktail was delicious!) and then take a stroll around there at night, it’s beautiful.
Espanola Way
Shrimp cocktail at Oh! Mexico

  • Walk around the beach, duh! South Beach is crazy, beautiful, loud, amaaazing. Take in all of the sights. It’s both beautiful in the day and at night. At night, you can bar hop. There are so many different bars and clubs, there’s something for everyone!
South Beach at night!

  • Mango’s! – this was MY FAVORITE club when I was in Miami. I’m really not a huge nightclub person anymore… but this place was so much fun! It had more of a casual vibe. The music they played was great! There were several rooms with different music playing in each of them. They also had dancers and performers that came on every hour or so. Definitely check out Mango’s!

  • Chalan on the Beach – grab lunch here before or after the beach. The ceviche was delicious!
Delicious ceviche at Chalan on the Beach

  • Lincoln Road – walk around Lincoln Road. There are many shops and restaurants. Cute place to take a walk at night!
Lincoln Road

  • Domino Park – unfortunately, when we got to Little Havana, the domino park was closed and everyone was gone for the night. I really wanted to see the people playing dominos! Next time…

  • Little Havana – Little Havana is a MUST! Grab some delicious, authentic Cuban food and then check out the bars that line the streets. I recommend Old’s Havana Cubana Bar and Cucina… they had some amazing food! And then check out Ball & Chain after dinner for some cocktails! There’s some beautiful street art that line the streets in Little Havana as well!
Delicious food at Old’s Havana!
Menu at Ball & Chain

  • Nobu Miami – I’m a huge fan of Nobu. I know, I know, it’s a bit pricey but once in awhile I believe it’s ok to splurge… especially if it’s on delicious foods.

  • Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine – definitely grab a bite to eat at this restaurant! I believe they have 3 around the city… the Cubano was SO GOOD! You won’t be disappointed!
Cubano at Havana 1957

  • Wynwood Walls – this was probably one of my favorite things that we did on our trip. The street art and murals were absolutely beautiful!
This one was my favorite!
LOVE Audrey Kawasaki♥️

  • Go to a Miami Heat game – tickets can be really cheap! I think we paid less than $30 for our ticket. I love sporting events so if you do too… it’s so much fun!

  • Bayside Marketplace – located right across the street from the American Airlines Arena (where the Miami Heat play) it’s a cute little area with a bunch of shops and restaurants right on the water.

  • Bacon Bitch (Shhh) – in the day, it’s a breakfast spot… but it’s a secret little spot at night. You have to pull a book from the shelf and the shelf opens. HA. Straight out of a movie. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the cool decor and art inside.

  • My Ceviche – there was a huge line when we got there… which obviously means it’s good. It was! If you like ceviche, definitely check this place out. There’s nowhere to eat there though, we took ours to go and ate at the beach. It was perfect.

  • Take a picture in front of the many colorful lifeguard towers – Miami is known for having super cute and colorful lifeguard towers. For sure a great spot for that perfect instagram photo!

  • The Clevelander – outdoor club right across the street from the beach!

  • Faena Hotel – this hotel has some of the most eclectic art pieces I have ever seen. It’s also home to the wooly mammoth skeleton that is coated in 24 karat gold!

  • Downtown Miami – downtown looks so different than South Beach. But it’s definitely worth checking out too!
Downtown Miami

Miami is truly an amazing city that everyone will fall in love with. Everyone needs to experience it at least once! I’d love to go again and again and again.

Happy traveling!

The Perfect New York Itinerary

Oh, New York, The Big Apple. It truly is a magical city. There is nowhere else like it in the entire world. I’ve been a few times now and would still go again and again and again. If you’ve never been, you better put it on your list of places to go as soon as possible!

I’ve visited New York once in the winter and once in the summer. In the winter it was so cold! And in the summer, it got pretty humid. But both times I had a lot of fun nonetheless.

Even if you’re only there for a few days, you can pack in a lot of things to do in a short amount of time. I have the perfect itinerary for you to really take in New York City!

DAY 1:

  • Check out The Vessel! The Vessel is a brand new structure which has quickly become a must see when visiting NYC. It’s free to get in but the line may be long. You can reserve your time and come back which makes it convenient. Right next door is a huge shopping mall, so you can kill some time there while you wait for your slot. You must climb all the way to the top because the views up there are AMAZING.
  • From The Vessel, you can walk to the High Line. This is another must in my opinion. It’s not really an attraction, it’s more of an area. What used to be an old freight train track… it is now a beautiful walkway that is about 2 kilometers long. Take a stroll along this lovely walkway… you can see some old brick stone houses, lush greenery and some modern art. This is also free! Yay!
  • Street art is HUGE in NYC. You can honestly just walk around and you’ll spot some everywhere.
  • Pay your respects at the 9/11 Memorial – World Trade Centre Site. (If you see a white rose laid on top of a name, it was put there for their birthday)
  • Head to Brooklyn at night… have dinner at Sugarcane in the Dumbo area! We got there right when the sun was setting. I caught some of the most amazing views of the sunset and the NYC skyline. It was absolutely breathtaking. Sugarcane was also really delicious! It is a little pricey, but you gotta splurge at least once on your trip!
  • After dinner, walk around Brooklyn and take in the beautiful sights. Bar hop and grab some cocktails at the many different bars and lounges that are there!
The Vessel
The Vessel
High Line

Note: This post contains some affiliate links. Just so you know, if you use the links to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission or compensation from the links on this page… but at no extra cost to you! Thank you for your support!

Street Art
9/11 Memorial
Brooklyn Bridge at sunset

DAY 2:

  • Go to the Empire State Building. Make sure you go all the way to the top. The views up there are amazing.
  • Walk around Rockefeller Center. If you go during Christmas time, this is the place to be! If you’ve seen Home Alone 2, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  • Grab a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth but I read that this bakery was famous for their red velvet cupcakes. It is a bit pricey but it was delicious!… and totally worth it!
  • Head to the American Museum of Natural History. Depending on how much time you have or how much you actually want to see… this museum is HUGE and has many, many exhibitions. If you want to just browse through the different exhibits, an hour or 2 will do… but if you want to actually see and read everything, you might have to spend at least half a day here!
  • Central Park! Of course you have to check out Central Park. Need I say more?!
  • Check out The Plaza Hotel – made famously from Home Alone 2! It’s right in front of Central Park so you can see it while you’re walking around the park.
  • Stroll around Fifth Avenue. Even if you’re not looking to actually buy anything… it’s fun to just walk around and window shop!
  • Go to Times Square at night! Grab a hot dog or two from a street vendor and enjoy it while you take in all of the beautiful lights. Times Square is truly something special. You’ll feel like you’re in a movie for sure. Definitely check out at least one rooftop bar in Times Square as well. The drinks can be expensive but the views are priceless.
Times Square!
Beautiful buildings!

DAY 3:

  • If it’s baseball season, definitely check out a Yankees game! We scored some tickets for really cheap! Less than $30 bucks!
  • Make your way to Washington Square Park. You can get some beautiful photos here! We sat for a little while and watched people playing in the fountain… it was nice to see that away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • SOHO is a must if you’re into fashion. They also have some amazing street fashion brands… They have everything from Billionaire Boys Club to BAPE and Supreme.
  • Little Italy and Chinatown are for sure a must if you want to get some really good food for cheap!
  • Statue of Liberty – I’ve been to the Statue of Liberty both in the day and at night. Well, I didn’t actually go at night but I when I went in the day, we took the ferry there and got to see and walk around it. Another time, we just rode the ferry at night to Staten Island where we could see the Statue of Liberty from the boat… I actually preferred this rather than actually going there. The views were spectacular. But either way, make sure you catch a glimpse of it!
Washington Square Park
Yankee Stadium
NYC skyline at night
On the ferry to Staten Island

There’s obviously a lot more to see and do in New York but if you’re only there for a few days… these are my musts!

I hope everyone gets to experience the crazy, beautiful city of New York at least once in their lives. It truly is magical.

Happy traveling!

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Why Singapore Is A Must!

Singapore is tied with Iceland for my favorite countries so far! I always dreamed of going to Singapore since I was a teenager and I finally made it happen not too long ago! I completely fell in love with the country. The food, the architecture, the people, everything.

I know I say this a lot… but Singapore HAS TO BE ON EVERYONE’S BUCKETLIST. It is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to. Everything seems straight out of a movie.

These are some of my reasons why Singapore is a MUST!

  • Gardens by the Bay (Flower Dome, Supertrees Grove, Cloud Forest) – I didn’t realize how big Gardens by the Bay was and definitely didn’t plan accordingly. I can honestly say that you can easily spend a WHOLE DAY here. There is so much to see and you should see everything. The only downside is that you have to buy tickets for everything. Oh, did I mention Singapore is quite expensive? But totally worth it. Take my money! I highly suggest seeing the Supertrees Grove both in the day and at night. In the day it is absolutely beautiful, you can get some amazing photos here. But at night, it looks like you are somewhere straight out of the movie Avatar! Music plays while the lights twinkle… it is the most amazing thing and experience. [ The light shows are at 7:45pm and 8:45pm daily ] You can see some beautiful flowers and plants inside of the Flower Dome… they change the theme every so often too. It is absolutely beautiful. You must also visit the Cloud Forest… here you can witness the highest indoor waterfall in the world!
Supertrees Grove
Cloud Forest
Flower Dome
  • Marina Bay Sands – Although, most people won’t be able to actually sleep here… including myself…😑) because it is ridiculously expensive) You can still check out the shops, restaurants and walk around the hotel. The views right outside of the Marina Bay Sands are spectacular as well.
Marina Bay Sands
  • FOOD! – Singapore is a melting pot of Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines. You don’t have to spend a lot to get some amazing food as well. I recommend checking out the food markets. The best one is the Maxwell Hawker Stall… Here, you can find the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice. Might I add, Anthony Bourdain also ate here and his picture is right on the wall. (Also try curry laksa! Delicious!)
Chicken Rice
  • Universal Studios Singapore – I am still a kid at heart… I love amusement parks! I had THE best time here.
  • Boat Quay/Clarke Quay – Walk around Clarke Quay in the day and also at night. Beautiful new skyscrapers line the city skies. The views here are spectacular and there are a lot of bars and restaurants to grab a delicious bite!
  • Little India – Here you can find the cutest buildings that are painted in an array of colors. You can get some awesome photos here!

  • Chinatown – Singapore’s Chinatown is beautiful. You can find some awesome instagrammable photo opportunities here. You can also find the best hawker food stalls around Chinatown as well!
  • Kampong Glam – Beautiful little area to walk around… grab a bite and do some shopping.
  • Singapore Changi Airport – The airport? I know what you’re thinking… who wants to spend more time than they need to at the airport? What we usually dread when we have to deal with flight delays or cancellations… if I have to be stuck at any airport, I would love it to be Changi Airport! I would willingly go there and hang out. I would suggest… on your last day… leaving early to the airport so that you can explore! There’s a reason why Changi Airport is rated the number one airport in the world! It has EVERYTHING you can imagine… at say… an amusement park??! HA. There are beautiful gardens… butterfly gardens, flower gardens… There’s even a waterfall! The best airport in the world!

I hope that everyone can see and experience Singapore for themselves. It is truly an amazing country!

Happy traveling!