Solo Road Trip to 4 States!

In 2019, I did a huge solo trip to Europe! I was really proud of myself for that one… It was a crazy, exhausting experience but I loved every bit of it. I didn’t think I could pull it off but… I did!

I’ve done a few solo road trips but to only one place and only for a few days. This is the first time I did a solo road trip of this caliber! I wasn’t sure if I could do it… with all of the long driving and what not. But it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I am so happy that I went! I’m also usually a HUGE planner. I love having everything planned and making an itinerary… but this time, I didn’t plan anything! I never even knew what my next destination was going to be. The spontaneity really made this trip that much more memorable.

If you’re thinking about doing a solo road trip from Las Vegas… and love the outdoors and visiting National Parks, I highly recommend this route! I loved every bit of it.

On this road trip, I visited 4 states, 6 cities and 4 National Parks… in only one week! (If you can, I would recommend adding another day for Glacier Park, I only stayed there one day and it definitely was not enough)

Great Basin National Park & Ely

So, here we go… from Las Vegas, I made my way up to Great Basin National Park. It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive. Great Basin was nice, but I think one day here is enough. There’s nowhere to really stay in Great Basin, so you’ll have to drive about an hour to Ely. Hotels are very affordable there. I recommend staying at Hotel Nevada. The rooms were newly done, clean and spacious. The staff were all so nice and there’s a Denny’s on the first floor to grab a quick dinner or breakfast the next morning.

Twin Falls, Idaho & Craters of the Moon National Park

From Ely, I made my way to Idaho. I wasn’t even planning on stopping by this next national park… but when I was looking at the map, I saw it and decided why not check it out, it was on the way anyway. Craters of the Moon National Park was beautiful! Unfortunately, the wind was insane that day and it was hard to enjoy it with the sand and rocks blowing in my face… but hopefully it won’t be windy when you visit! If you’re short on time… I recommend just visiting the caves. It wasn’t crowded at all.

(*Keep in mind: there are entrance fees into National Parks)

From Craters of the Moon, I was off to Twin Falls, Idaho! (My 20th state!) I looked up things to do when I got there… I’m so glad I stumbled upon this suggestion on another blog. Shoshone Falls! SO beautiful and completely free! There weren’t that many people either, so it was easy getting some good pictures here. It’s only about 10-15 minutes from downtown Twin Falls.

For dinner and some cocktails, check out Elevation 486. The views here are AMAZING.

[ Hotel suggestion: My Place Hotel, Twin Falls, Idaho ]

Bozeman, Montana

From Twin Falls, Idaho, I was off to Bozeman, Montana! (Twin Falls to Bozeman about 5 1/2 hours)

Honestly, once I got to Bozeman, it was night already and I was so tired. So, I didn’t get to explore Bozeman…

[ Hotel suggestion: MountainView Lodge & Suites ]

Glacier National Park

I left early from Bozeman to make my way to Glacier National Park! I have to say, this was my favorite part of the trip! Glacier NP is one of the most beautiful national parks that I’ve been to so far. (Bozeman to Glacier NP: 4 hour 40 minutes)

Glacier NP is HUGE! And there is so much to do here… hence, why I wish I would’ve stayed one more day. But if you’re short on time… drive the route up Lake McDonald. There are many view points you can stop and enjoy the views. If you have more time, definitely check out Avalanche Trail. Everyone recommended on doing that hike but I just didn’t have enough time.

[ Hotel suggestion: This was MY FAVORITE! It’s a little pricer than the other hotels… but you have your own cabin! I LOVED it. It was so cute and cozy… there was a small kitchen and Netflix! This was the best sleep I had so far on my trip.]

Also, stop by Bear Grass Cafe, it’s a coffee/food truck. They had delicious breakfast options and yummy coffee.

West Yellowstone

From Glacier NP, I made my way back down to West Yellowstone. I stayed in West Yellowstone and it is such a cute little town. There are some restaurants and cute stores to check out.

[ Hotel suggestion: Crosswinds Inn ]

I woke up early the next morning to go to Yellowstone. I made the mistake on going on the weekend… it was Sunday. And it was BUSY. I only had time to check out Old Faithful. I had gone here when I was a kid but I don’t remember much, so it was cool to see it again.

I realized I was pretty tired from all of the driving and exploring and decided to make my way home… but one more stop along the way!… Salt Lake City!

I’m actually not sure if I had ever been to SLC. Maybe when I was little but I don’t recall. Anyway, Salt Lake City was really nice. I enjoyed it being my last stop on this road trip.

Things to do in SLC:

Check out Creek Center. It’s a beautiful shopping center with a good food court, shops and a creek that flows through the middle!

SLC Public Library


[ Hotel suggestion: Crystal Inn Hotel ]

You don’t have to follow this route exactly!… but I hope this gives you an idea for your own road trip! I had an amazing time and was able to cross off 2 new states and 3 national parks off my lists.

Let me know if you decide to do this road trip too!

Happy traveling!

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