Seattle Getaway

The last time I was in Seattle was in 2015. Nothing seemed to have changed… and that is a good thing.

Seattle is one of my favorite cities. It will probably be gloomy and rainy… but once you get over that, there is so much to do and see!

The rain doesn’t continuously stay… so, there are spirts of moments where you’ll be dry! And then it’ll suddenly come down. So, make sure you pack accordingly. I’d suggest a rain coat or a light waterproof jacket to wear over your clothes, just in case the rain suddenly decides to come down. I don’t think an umbrella is necessary as it can also get a bit windy… and then you’ll just be fighting with the umbrella.

So, on this little getaway, I was in Seattle for about 2 1/2 days. It was a perfect amount of time. (Also, we went at the end of October, and all of the trees were turning colors… it is a beautiful time to visit!)

Where to stay: I would suggest staying in Downtown Seattle… that way, you can walk everywhere and save money on transportation. Also, there is a tram from the airport to downtown that only costs $3! That is way cheaper than taking an Uber or taxi.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in downtown. It was within walking distance to everything that I wanted to see and do!

We arrived around noon and was able to check in early.

We set off to explore Pike Place Market. Yes, it’s quite touristy, but it is a MUST when visiting Seattle.

We grabbed lunch at Pike Place Chowder. The line was LONG and at this time, the rain and wind had picked up. The inside is small… with just a few tables and chairs at the counter. We were worried as to where we were going to sit. But once we got the the front of the line to order, some seats opened up at the end of the counter. Lucky!

Verdict: The clam chowder is good. BUT it’s a bit pricey. We also ordered the crab roll. Again, good. But the crab roll was $30! I’m glad we tried it but I don’t think I’d go again. It’s something to just cross off your bucket list.

After lunch, the rain stopped so we went off exploring. We had to visit the disgusting, yet amusing Gum Wall. Not sure how this became a thing… but like I said, when in Seattle… (The Gum Wall is located inside Pike Market Place)

Then we headed over to the original Starbucks, it’s also located in the Pike Market Place. The line was LONG. We decided to just snap a few photos but skip getting the coffee here.

Instead… we headed over to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery! Fun fact: There are only six in the world! I’ve been to two now. They’re located in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Tokyo, Shanghai and Milan. My bucket list is to visit all 6!

If you’re a coffee addict like myself… you’ll love visiting the Reserve Roasteries, It’s beautiful inside! They also serve alcohol! There’s a bar and everything! They also have pastries and sandwiches, etc. It is pricey… but hey, it’s the experience.

I got the hazelnut latte and it was $8! I don’t regret it though. It was cool to visit.

After we got some energy from our coffees, we headed over to the Space Needle. We decided not to go up because we weren’t sure we would have enough time… but also tickets are $30. We just snapped a couple photos from the ground. I’m satisfied.

It was about 5:00pm and we decided to go over to the Olympic Sculpture Park and walk along the water. The sun was slowly setting… and it was beautiful!

Dinner: AND my FAVORITE meal of the trip. Elliott’s Oyster House. A MUST. (Also, make a reservation, it gets busy!) What to order: Oysters! Of course. The clams… YUM. And the bread they give with the clam dish, delicious when dipped in the sauce! The vegetable risotto was surprisingly really good as well. Don’t forget the wine! Everything was reasonably priced! Our server was also SUPER nice. I definitely recommend going here! 10/10

The next day, we woke up early and rented a car. It was only $40 for the day! We drove to Enumclaw, about an hour from the city. It was BEAUTIFUL. Autumn vibes for sure.

Then we made our way to Snoqualmie Falls. Another MUST! I love waterfalls and this was one of the most beautiful ones that I’ve seen. There’s no hiking involved to see this one. It’s about a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. (There are parking fees)

After the waterfall, we were a little cold and wet… so we decided to get some Pho! Go to Pha Bac in Little Saigon. The pho and tofu spring rolls were delicious!

We got really lucky and scored tickets to the Seahawks game that night for only $50! (I’m not a Seahawks fan but I love football games so why not!)

Seattle is definitely a city worth visiting.

Happy traveling!


  1. ive heard its a very good place to visit, thanks for sharing! Although I dont know that clam chowder sounds appetising. Ive heard of it but it really doesnt sound nice. what is it? I think its the combination of words – clam and chowder, that just dont work for me lol

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