Lauterbrunnen : Why It's A Must

Have you ever been to a place where you thought you were on the set of a movie… or that you were dreaming??? Lauterbrunnen is JUST LIKE THAT. I’ve been to a few places where I completely fell in love and it was so magical BUT Switzerland really put it over the top. Some of the most beautiful views that I have ever seen in my ENTIRE life!

ONE picture can inspire you to go visit Lauterbrunnen. Here, I will inspire you with more than a few. Start planning your trip NOW!

I had seen so many pictures of Switzerland and I always told myself that I would go there one day and experience it for myself! Switzerland is truly one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to! I would LOVE to go back one day.

If you have a bucket list of countries to visit, I hope that Switzerland is one of them.

The train ride from Bern (Switzerland’s capital) to Lauterbrunnen is absolutely STUNNING. Beautiful lakes, mountains, trees… just the most beautiful landscapes one could ever see or imagine. It’s about an hour ride from Bern.

I visited Lauterbrunnen in the fall. Everything was still very green and lush. But I would LOVE to go back in the winter and see everything covered in snow!

Once, you get to Lauterbrunnen, you can explore around there or take a cable car up to the higher points. I definitely recommend doing this! I went up to Murren and explored… it was absolutely magical.

You can also paraglide and skydive! I wish I had known this before… I would’ve definitely done one of those! (another reason why I need to go back!😛)

Lauterbrunnen is definitely a must! I hope everyone can experience Switzerland at least once in their life time. Go, go, go!😊

Happy traveling!

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