The Ultimate Miami Bucket List

I recently went to Miami and absolutely fell in love with the city. If it wasn’t for the humidity… and really expensive housing, I would probably move there.šŸ˜›

There is so much to see and do in Miami, luckily Miami is pretty small and you’ll be able to fit a lot into a short trip. I spent a week there and it was enough time. I’d love to go back again though, very soon!

Here are some must things that everyone should see and do in Miami!

  • Head to Espanola Way – Grab dinner at Oh! Mexico (their shrimp cocktail was delicious!) and then take a stroll around there at night, it’s beautiful.
Espanola Way
Shrimp cocktail at Oh! Mexico

  • Walk around the beach, duh! South Beach is crazy, beautiful, loud, amaaazing. Take in all of the sights. It’s both beautiful in the day and at night. At night, you can bar hop. There are so many different bars and clubs, there’s something for everyone!
South Beach at night!

  • Mango’s! – this was MY FAVORITE club when I was in Miami. I’m really not a huge nightclub person anymore… but this place was so much fun! It had more of a casual vibe. The music they played was great! There were several rooms with different music playing in each of them. They also had dancers and performers that came on every hour or so. Definitely check out Mango’s!

  • Chalan on the Beach – grab lunch here before or after the beach. The ceviche was delicious!
Delicious ceviche at Chalan on the Beach

  • Lincoln Road – walk around Lincoln Road. There are many shops and restaurants. Cute place to take a walk at night!
Lincoln Road

  • Domino Park – unfortunately, when we got to Little Havana, the domino park was closed and everyone was gone for the night. I really wanted to see the people playing dominos! Next time…

  • Little Havana – Little Havana is a MUST! Grab some delicious, authentic Cuban food and then check out the bars that line the streets. I recommend Old’s Havana Cubana Bar and Cucina… they had some amazing food! And then check out Ball & Chain after dinner for some cocktails! There’s some beautiful street art that line the streets in Little Havana as well!
Delicious food at Oldā€™s Havana!
Menu at Ball & Chain

  • Nobu Miami – I’m a huge fan of Nobu. I know, I know, it’s a bit pricey but once in awhile I believe it’s ok to splurge… especially if it’s on delicious foods.

  • Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine – definitely grab a bite to eat at this restaurant! I believe they have 3 around the city… the Cubano was SO GOOD! You won’t be disappointed!
Cubano at Havana 1957

  • Wynwood Walls – this was probably one of my favorite things that we did on our trip. The street art and murals were absolutely beautiful!
This one was my favorite!
LOVE Audrey Kawasakiā™„ļø

  • Go to a Miami Heat game – tickets can be really cheap! I think we paid less than $30 for our ticket. I love sporting events so if you do too… it’s so much fun!

  • Bayside Marketplace – located right across the street from the American Airlines Arena (where the Miami Heat play) it’s a cute little area with a bunch of shops and restaurants right on the water.

  • Bacon Bitch (Shhh) – in the day, it’s a breakfast spot… but it’s a secret little spot at night. You have to pull a book from the shelf and the shelf opens. HA. Straight out of a movie. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the cool decor and art inside.

  • My Ceviche – there was a huge line when we got there… which obviously means it’s good. It was! If you like ceviche, definitely check this place out. There’s nowhere to eat there though, we took ours to go and ate at the beach. It was perfect.

  • Take a picture in front of the many colorful lifeguard towers – Miami is known for having super cute and colorful lifeguard towers. For sure a great spot for that perfect instagram photo!

  • The Clevelander – outdoor club right across the street from the beach!

  • Faena Hotel – this hotel has some of the most eclectic art pieces I have ever seen. It’s also home to the wooly mammoth skeleton that is coated in 24 karat gold!

  • Downtown Miami – downtown looks so different than South Beach. But it’s definitely worth checking out too!
Downtown Miami

Miami is truly an amazing city that everyone will fall in love with. Everyone needs to experience it at least once! I’d love to go again and again and again.

Happy traveling!

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