Day Trip to Valley of Fire

There is actually so much to do right outside of Las Vegas… you wouldn’t believe exists when you think of the city. I’ve been on an exploring mission to see what else there is to do that doesn’t involve drinking, gambling or spending a lot of money.ūüė¨

I recently looked up Valley of Fire and thought, why not… I’ll check it out. I’m not sure if I have ever been there… if I have, it was probably when I was very little. Anyways, to my surprise… I had an amazing day there! It is absolutely beautiful, breathtaking to say the least. It’s quiet, peaceful and just what you need to get away from the busy city.

It’s only about an hour and a half drive from Las Vegas. The drive isn’t bad at all. It went by rather quickly. You will have to pay a $10/per car entrance fee to enter the park. I’m actually looking into purchasing a Nevada State Park Pass (will look into it more and come back to you!) Right when you enter the park, it feels like you’re in some kind of sci-fi movie. The different beautiful colors of the rocks and mountains are eye catching right away.

There are 8 different spots or trails located inside of the Valley of Fire. It would be a little hard to see all of them in one day… but since it is so close from the city, you can go often until you’ve seen/done them all.

Look at these views!

On this trip, I only checked out two spots… Rainbow Vista and Fire Canyon Overlook. Next time I definitely want to check out more! But, even though, we only were able to check out a few… it was still so beautiful. There’s a place for everyone as well. There are really easy trails, moderate and a little harder ones for the more adventurous. Something for everyone!

When to go: We went in February… but actually got really lucky and had the most amazing weather that day. It actually was a bit hot in the sun. I would definitely recommend going in the Fall or Spring. DO NOT go in the summer, Vegas summers get REALLY HOT. I’m talking 115 degrees Fahrenheit. You will melt, that is for sure.

Even if you’re not big into hiking… even just driving around the Valley of Fire can be really fun. Seeing all of the beautiful rocks, formations and the different colors of the mountains. It’s worth a drive. There are also many places to just park and snap some photos or just sit and take in the scenery.

Valley of Fire is definitely worth a trip!

Happy exploring!

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