5 Things You Must Do In Tokyo!

Tokyo. What an amazing city. I had the most amazing time when I went to Tokyo last year. There is so much to see and do… and EAT! Unfortunately, I didn’t have that much time there… so, here I’ve narrowed it down to the absolute must do’s when in Tokyo!

Ride a Go Cart around Shibuya! – When can you ever say that you drove a go cart around one of the busiest parts of Tokyo and might I add, dressed up as your favorite Super Mario character… or some random anime costume?? I think probably never… unless you visit Tokyo! Make sure you have your international driver’s license… you can easily get one online. (search international driver’s license) You can also choose what area around Tokyo you want to drive around. My friend and I chose Shibuya because we thought it would be the most beautiful at night.

Walk Around Shibuya! – You obviously HAVE to check out the famous Shibuya Crossing. But that’s not the only thing to see there. There are so many shops, restaurants, etc. Shibuya is a MUST. Definitely stop by Genki Sushi for the famous conveyor belt sushi!


Go to Tokyo Disneyland! – I cannot lie, I had so much fun at Tokyo Disneyland. You’ll have so much fun too, I promise!

Tokyo Disneyland

Check out the Tokyo Imperial Palace Grounds – You can easily spend a few hours or even half a day walking around the beautiful grounds of the palace. I was so lucky to have gone on such a beautiful day. The weather was absolutely perfect. You can get some amazing photos here!

Tokyo Imperial Palace Grounds

Meiji Shrine – You must check out Meiji Shrine. It is right across the street from Harajuku, very easy to find. It is one of the most beautiful shrines I have ever seen. You can also participate in many different ways to pray, wish and receive fortunes. (there are very specific ways to do these rituals. Make sure you do some research before going. You want to do everything correctly and respectfully.)

The entrance of Meiji Shrine

Honorable mentions:

  • Tokyo Tower – You can see some amazing views of Tokyo from the top. I suggest going at night rather than the day.
  • Sengakuji Temple – If you’ve heard of the story of the 47 Ronin or have seen the movie, you will love a visit to this beautiful temple that has the graves of the 47 samurai.
  • Harajuku – You can probably go to Harajuku then the Meiji Shrine because they are very close to each other. Harajuku can get very busy and it’s hard to walk and actually shop. But if the crowd isn’t too bad, definitely walk around and check out the interesting shops and weird souvenirs you can get here.
  • Tsukiji Fish Market – This should probably be on the list of 5 must do’s in Tokyo… but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go when I was there due to it being closed for relocation. Womp womp. So, therefore, I cannot say first hand how it is… but I bet it is amazing.
Tokyo Tower at Night
47 Ronin

Tokyo is an absolute MUST and should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to! Eat all of the sushi and ramen too! Yummm.

Happy traveling!

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