Learn to Cook Thai Food!

Right before I moved to Thailand… taking a Thai cooking class was on the top of my list. 7 months later… I finally took one. HA. And I’d have to say that I would definitely do it again!

There are tons of cooking schools and classes that are offered all around Chiang Mai… so, this post is just my review for my experience. Thanks to my friend for finding this awesome school! I really did love this one that we went to and I highly recommend it to everyone who visits Chiang Mai!

The name of the cooking school is Zabb E Lee, it’s located right in the heart of the Old City, BUT they have recently expanded to a really nice outdoor kitchen and organic garden and farm! Link: http://www.zabbeleecooking.com   (my friend emailed them and got a response a few minutes later!)

The beautiful outdoor kitchen.

They offer a morning class and an evening class. First, everyone gathers in a van and they take you to a local market. There, the chef (her name is Kiss Kiss and she is hilarious and amazing!) shows and explains to everyone the different ingredients that you will be using in the dishes. Then we all hop back into the van and about a 20-25 minute ride later, we found ourselves at one of the cutest places. The outdoor kitchen is amazing! They grow a lot of their ingredients there in the garden. They have limes, chili peppers, thai basil, lemon grass, butterfly peas and many other things.

Part of the garden in the back.

You get to choose 4 dishes to make and a curry paste AND mango sticky rice. It was so much food, I had to take some of it home for dinner.😋

Pad Thai and Tom Yum Koong.

Tom Yum Koong soup. (my favorite!)

Fried Spring Rolls.

Preparing ingredients.

Making Pad Thai.

Ingredients for Pad Thai and Tom Yum Koong.

Ingredients for green curry.

Mmm making green curry!

And TADA! Green Curry! (It was sooo good. Quite possibly, one of the best green curries I’ve ever had.)

I chose to make pad thai, tom yum koong, fried spring rolls, green curry paste, green curry and everyone gets to take home the mango sticky rice. (yummm)

All of the staff were so helpful and friendly as well… everything was hands on. We got to prepare and cook everything. The food was AMAZING too. I really had a great time at Zabb E Lee cooking school. DEFINITELY recommend checking it out!

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