6 Things To Do in Vancouver

I had one of the best times in Vancouver, Canada. No wonder why a lot of Americans say they want to move to Canada… It’s clean, safe, very beautiful! …and everyone is so darn friendly. I only spent 3 days in Vancouver but I got to see and do a lot!

Here are some of my favorite things that I did in Vancouver!

  1. Capilano Suspension Bridge – A definite must when visiting Vancouver. Amazing views and beautiful trees surround you all around. Great place to spend the day.
  2. Walk Around Downtown Vancouver – Vancouver is a pretty walkable city. There are a ton of bars, restaurants, shops, etc. I also never felt unsafe while walking around the city alone.
  3. Stanley Park – It is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. There’s something for everyone here. Beautiful beaches, miles of paved and dirt trails, perfect for bike riding and the famous totem poles.
  4. Prospect Point – You can see some of the most amazing views of Vancouver from Prospect Point. I sat and just watched the cars pass along the bridge. Great place to just take in the fresh air and the beautiful views.
  5. Granville Island – Just a short bus ride from Vancouver and you’ll find yourself on Granville Island. There’s a huge market hall here and you can get some amazing foods and other goodies. (Not sure what happened to my photos from here…🙁)
  6. Gastown – This area was probably one of my most favorites parts of the city. It’s rich in history and you can tell by the buildings and the streets. You get an old city feel from it. Walk around and snap some photos that you can show off to your friends!The famous Steam Clock in Gastown.

I definitely need to go back to Vancouver one day! And possibly….. maybe live there???🤔😁

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