What to Pack for a Week in Iceland!

So, I think we all know by now that Iceland is my favorite country that I’ve been to so far! It’s a beautiful country with some of the most amazing views… but it does get COLD! I’m from Las Vegas and although, our winters can get pretty chilly… it’s obviously never cold enough for snow boots and large parkas… so, it was a little difficult trying to pack for Iceland.

So, I thought I would save you all some time and stress from the headaches of packing! I have listed some things you will definitely need when planning a trip to Iceland! I hope this helps and keeps you warm and prepared for the chilly weather.

  1. Large coat – Make sure you get a thick, heavy duty coat, preferably with a large faux fur hood. The hood will shield you from the harsh wind and snow.
  2. Sweaters – Layers, layers, layers. You will need to layer all of your clothes. I remember on some nights, it was freezing and I was so thankful I had a ton of layers on!
  3. Hoodies – I love hoodies. They’re warm, comfortable and you can wear them with any outfit.
  4. Long sleeve thermal shirts – Again, layers!
  5. Short sleeve shirt or tank top – Everyday, I usually wore a t-shirt or tank top, then a long sleeve thermal, a hoodie or sweater and then my coat over.
  6. Scarf – Make sure to pack at least one. Sometimes the wind gets pretty harsh and it can feel like pins and needles on your skin. Make sure your neck is covered up as well!
  7. Gloves – I suggest getting some good snow gloves with cotton or faux fur lining inside.
  8. Beanies – Definitely bring at least 2 or 3 beanies. Keeping your head warm is probably the most important!
  9. Jeans – Your lower body doesn’t get as cold as your upper body… so, sometimes, wearing just jeans was ok. On some nights, I wore thermal leggings underneath my jeans.
  10. Thermal leggings – If it gets cold enough, you can and should also layer your clothes on the lower part of your body as well!
  11. Long, thick socks – I recommend getting socks that go up to your knees, you don’t want any wind getting through.
  12. Swimsuit – BLUE LAGOON! You must go to the Blue Lagoon when you go to Iceland. There are also a few other hot springs around Iceland, so a swimsuit is essential.
  13. Waterproof boots – Very important! Make sure you get some good, heavy duty, waterproof boots.
  14. Athletic shoes – If you’re walking around downtown Reykjavic, you don’t really need to be walking around in heavy boots… it will be more comfortable to have a good pair of walking or running shoes as well.

I went to Iceland in the middle of December, so it was pretty cold. If you’re planning on going during the summer then obviously it won’t be as cold. So, you can pack a bit lighter according to when you plan to visit.

I hope you will enjoy Iceland as much as I did!

Happy travels!

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