How Traveling Solo Changes You

After I went on my first solo trip a little over two years ago… I fell completely in love, became obsessed with it. It changes you in so many ways you never imagined… for the better.

I always tell people that I meet to travel solo at least once in their lives. Not just women… but men as well. Everyone! I believe it is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

How does traveling solo change you? Well…..

  • You become fearless. You’re alone. You’re in a foreign place alone. It’s scary. BUT, you manage. After the initial fear, it becomes excitement.
  • It becomes easier to meet and talk to people. We’re not all flourishing social butterflies. Meeting new people and trying to have a conversation with someone you just met can be difficult. But when you’re traveling alone… you’re sort of forced to talk to strangers. If you get lost, you have to ask for directions… or if you’re looking for a suggestion from a local… well, you have to ask them, duh. It’s not easy striking up a conversation with a complete stranger but it’s really cool how many amazing people you can meet on your travels… from locals to other travelers. Hearing everyone’s story and where they came from is one of the best things about traveling.
  • You become more confident in yourself. Things will go wrong… maybe one thing or two things or everything! But you’ll survive. You have no choice but to get through it. You WILL figure it out.
  • When you’re traveling alone… you really only have yourself to rely on. You learn that you CAN do all those things that you never thought you could do.
  • You’re forced to step out of your comfort zone… A LOT. You learn to embrace it.
  • You become very independent. Knowing that you can do things on your own is an amazing feeling.

And…. since you’re alone, you really have some time to just think and you really learn to just enjoy the moments.

Traveling solo has changed me in so many different ways. As silly as it sounds… I really feel like I can do any and everything that I put my mind to. I feel like I can conquer any obstacle that comes my way. I’ve learned to not let fear control me and to embrace the feeling of being out of my comfort zone. I’ve come to realize that fear and doubt are the two worst things that can hold you back from really living and enjoying life.

If I had never traveled solo… I really don’t think I would be living here in Thailand right now. It definitely prepared me for moving abroad.

If you’ve ever thought about traveling solo but have had doubts… stop thinking and just GO. You’ll learn that you CAN do it and you’ll for sure thank yourself after.😉

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