What To Do In Kansas City

I went to Kansas City sort of on a spur of the moment trip… my friend was going and I decided to tag along and join her because she was going to see a Royals game. I have another bucket list on top of my existing bucket list… to visit all of the major baseball stadiums in the country! And to my surprise, I actually really enjoyed KC.

I don’t think Kansas City is really a place where people normally plan vacations but I think it’s a bit of an underrated city. There’s a lot of stuff to do and the food is pretty darn good!

I only stayed in KC for 3 days but I think that was more than enough time to see the city. Here, I have made a list of things to do if you’re there for a quick trip!

  • Go to a Kansas City Royals game! The stadium is pretty amazing. There are so many food choices and they even have a place for craft beer! Mmm.

Hot Dogs and beer at the game!

  • Check out Downtown KC! One of the prettiest downtown areas of a city I have been to. It’s very clean and lots to do. The bus is also free! FREE!
  • Go to the Kansas City Library. Not the biggest or greatest library… but the outside is pretty cool. Located right by the parking garage, the wall is made to look like actual books. Pretty cool spot to take a photo… definitely Instagram worthy. Also, on the bottom level, they converted what used to be a bank vault into a movie area. You can also rent movies and watch them as well inside of the vault… pretty cool.
  • Barbecue! DUH. I’m not a huge fan of barbecue… but when in KC… you have to try a good BBQ spot at least once.
  • A place definitely worth checking out… the National World War I Museum and Memorial. Unfortunately, I got there right when they were closing… So, I didn’t get to see the entire museum. 😦 But what I did get to see… it was pretty amazing. If you’re into history like me… you’ll love it. You’ll also get a pretty amazing view of the city from the outside viewing area on top.

Happy traveling!

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