5 Destinations to Celebrate Christmas!

My favorite holiday has got to be Christmas! All of the lights, the decorations, the music! …You can’t help but feel all warm inside during this holiday time. I’ve recently started planning trips to visit other places during the Christmas season so that I could see all of the decorations and trees that every city puts up! I don’t necessarily spend Christmas day in these places but I go a week or two before so that I can still see and enjoy the Christmasy spirit in all of these places.


Here are my 5 best destinations to recommend if you want to see Christmas really done right!

(All of my Christmas destinations are pretty cold places during December… so, if you don’t like the cold, you might want to check a different list… NO! You should still try and make it to these places at least once!)

  1. London, England – There’s a whole street dedicated to lights and Christmas decorations! There’s also a bunch of other big Christmas trees set up around the city. It’s quite a beautiful sight to see. Definitely visit Regent Street, it’s one of the most beautiful streets in London filled with incredible Christmas lights and displays. (1.5 Bath, England – If you’re in London, you can take a day trip to Bath which is just a few hours drive from London. It’s a beautiful little city and the shops are all decorated with Christmas decor and I also visited an outdoor Christmas market and grabbed a cup of hot chocolate. Yummm.)
  2. Paris, France – There are tons of little outdoor Christmas markets set up and you can grab some hot apple cider and some roasted chestnuts on the go. It’s the perfect Christmas pair.
  3. Iceland – Though, I didn’t see a lot of Christmas decorations….. I would say Iceland is the perfect place to go to around Christmas. You can enjoy the snowfall and if you’re lucky… you can catch the Northern Lights.
  4. Dublin and Belfast, Ireland – I went to Ireland a few years ago and I absolutely fell in love with the country. I went in December and it was a bit cold but I loved all of the Christmas festivities they put on. There were a few Christmas parades that I saw in Dublin on the main shopping streets… with flying Santas and women dressed in white singing beautiful Christmas tunes. It was pretty cool!
  5. Helsinki, Finland – It gets pretty cold in Finland but all of the Christmas joy and spirit makes up for it. The city becomes really beautiful during the Christmas season. Of course, stop by one of the outdoor markets!

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