A Day Trip to Sticky Waterfalls!

I’ve been in Chiang Mai for about 3 weeks now and I finally had my first real outdoor adventure. There are a lot of outdoor activities here in Chiang Mai. There are so many places to hike, waterfalls to visit and temples to see.

The trip to the Sticky Waterfalls is about an hour and a half ride from the center of Chiang Mai. We arranged a songthaew to pick us up at the MAYA mall which is in the Nimman area. A songthaew is also known as the “red bus”. It’s a small red colored pick up truck that has an open back where people hop on and off. It’s cheaper than taxis but sometimes they’ll have multiple stops for everyone on board. If you have a large group, songthaews would definitely be the way to go. You can split the total cost between everyone.

The songthaew we reserved for the day included transportation to and from the Sticky Waterfalls and about 3 hours to spend our time there. It was 1,300 baht which is about $40 USD. We had 7 people so we split it evenly, we also added a tip, which came out to about $6 a person. NOT BAD AT ALL! Although, I do have to mention the ride there isn’t that comfortable. The songthaews seats are hard and after about 30 minutes, your butt starts to cramp. But, hey $6, you can’t ask for much. If you want to have a more comfortable ride, you can absolutely find air conditioned vans or shuttles that will take you there… not sure how much those are. But I am on a budget, so the songthaews will do for now!

Our songthaew driver was so nice, once we got there, he walked us all the way down to where the waterfalls were. Once you reach the waterfalls, (there’s a few), make sure you have your swimsuit, because you will get wet! Wait, let’s back up… why are they called the Sticky Waterfalls? Apparently, it comes from a mineral deposit that makes it grippy, sort of like sand paper. BUT! Be careful, I must warn you, there are some rocks that have moss or algae on them that makes it slippery. You can usually tell because they are green… but sometimes it’s hard to tell so be cautious! (I fell twice…☹️)

Make sure you snap a bunch of photos! The waterfalls and the surrounding areas are so beautiful! There are a lot of insects there, so make sure you also slather on that bug repellent or you will be eaten alive.

When you climb back up from the waterfalls to the picnic area, there’s another wooden walkway that leads you to this “seven colored spring”. It’s very small but the color is absolutely amazing!

Our driver was so kind and let us stop by another must see on our drive down. These beautiful stairs lead up to this giant Buddha inside of a cave! The walk up the stairs is a bit brutal, but once you reach the top, it’s all worth it.

Our last stop was Sri Lanna National Park. A beautiful area with a lake, where people can ride boats and have picnics. There’s a restaurant there as well to grab a quick lunch.

Our entire trip lasted about 5-6 hours. So, I’d say that was a good, adventure filled day. Sticky Waterfalls is a definite must if you are in Chiang Mai!

Happy exploring!


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