My Tips for Traveling Solo

The first question I get asked all the time is… “Aren’t you scared??” Well, YES, of course! I would be lying if I said I never felt scared. BUT, it’s all about being smart, having common sense and being aware of everything and everyone around you.

Some people think I’m crazy for traveling solo but I say you’re missing out for not trying it at least once in your lifetime!

I’m still learning and taking in new experiences everyday but here are some of my tips that I have so far…

  • Even if you’re more into the spontaneous, spur of the moment vacations, at least plan somewhat of an itinerary so that you can let others know where you will be and what you will be doing . I always let at least two people back home know where I will be on what exact days. Give them hotel names and addresses as well or wherever you’re staying.
  • NEVER tell people you’re traveling alone.
  • Do your research! I spend hours and hours reading different travel blogs and travel articles before planning a trip. Do your research on the country and cities you’re planning on traveling to.
  • ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings! Try to stay in busy areas with a lot of people walking around. If you find yourself lost on a street that doesn’t have a lot of people, TURN AROUND. Go back to where there are large crowds. If you see someone staring you down, go the opposite direction if possible. Avoid any possible situations that could put you in any danger or confrontation.
  • BE CONFIDENT. Don’t look lost, don’t look scared (even if you are inside), walk fast and with purpose.
  • Leave your fancy things at home! Don’t wear flashy jewelry or expensive clothing. Don’t bring your Louis Vuitton bag! Leave it at home. Don’t stand out and be a target for potential thieves.
  • Check in with someone back home at least every few days. Whether it be by texting, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp… whatever! Just make sure someone back home knows you’re okay.
  • The most important travel tip I have for everyone, female or male is… DON’T TRUST ANYONE! My dad always says I’m too paranoid but I say it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if you meet someone who you think is nice and friendly, just be alert, ALWAYS. Never keep your guard down. Don’t trust anyone so easily. We unfortunately live in a world where all too often bad things happen. Just be SAFE!

Happy and safe travels!

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